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How it works:

  • A jumper is first centered on an inflatable trampoline mattress, and secured in a custom adjustable harness by a trained operator, then the combination of a lifting device and elastic loops (bungees) allows the participant to jump in the air while safely bouncing off of the inflatable trampoline. He or she need not worry at all when jumping or flipping. This is much safer than jumping on a regular trampoline as the participant is jumping within a controlled environment.
  • This combination system of lifting and use of elastic bungee cords dramatically enhances the jumper's ability where in turn they can perform front and back somersaults as well as be free to experiment and reach heights of up to 23ft that would normally be impossible!
  • The dramatic increase in self-confidence is noticeable after the first somersault, especially in children that are coached by the trained operator. No other apparatus in the world promotes this sense of accomplishment.

A reasonably level surface is required in order to operate safely. The unit is completely freestanding and utilizes the trailer and design for stability. 

Pavement or grass are both suitable. 

  While the bungee trampoline is weather resistant, it is not considered safe to operate during periods of heavy rain. We will also suspend any operation if the wind exceeds 25mph. 

  Most important is the size of the unit. The unit is transported in a "down" position on an integrated trailer. It is towed by a standard size pickup truck or SUV and can be set up anywhere a vehicle can be driven with sufficient overhead clearance. We will need 25 by 25 feet of space and 20 feet 17 inches height (no trees or overhead clearance) to erect the unit. We also will need a power source.

Everything will be fully installed and removed from site, in line with your time requirements. A team of fully trained attendants will accompany the attraction to operate it. The unit is capable of accomodating 4 jumpers at a time.

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